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Published days ago on July 31, 2020
By Anton Kovačić

Bitcoin Revolution UAE

Cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, have really changed the financial markets. Traders worldwide have been taking advantage of the many trading opportunities that these digital currencies provide and a search online will prove that many have succeeded in making millions, simply from trading Bitcoin. In the UAE, traders have also been getting in on the action but instead of purchasing Bitcoin from an exchange, they are trading these digital coins using a powerful and effective trading software called Bitcoin Revolution. This software has enabled anyone, even someone without any experience to trade Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies profitably, with minimal work required each day.

So, let’s take a closer look at what all the hype is around the Bitcoin Revolution software.

What is Bitcoin Revolution?

Bitcoin Revolution is an automated trading software that trades Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in the financial markets. It was created by a team of dedicated trading experts who saw the great potential in the cryptocurrency markets and so they developed an algorithm that is able to scan the markets and analyze historical data and existing market conditions in order to pinpoint potentially profitable trading opportunities. Since the software is automated, it will then open a trade for the trader on the platform as soon as the trading signal and the trading partners of the software match.

The benefit of the Bitcoin Revolution software is that anyone can use it. You do not need years of online trading experience or even knowledge of the financial markets. Since the software does all the analysis for the trader, trades will be opened, even without the intervention of the user. This means that you can earn money trading Bitcoin even while you are asleep! For experienced traders in the UAE, they can use the Bitcoin Revolution to test their trading strategies and their market analysis. The software can also be changed to manual mode at any time, if a trader wants to be in full control of their trading activities.

Is Bitcoin Legal in UAE?

The UAE is determined to become a pioneer in blockchain technology. As a result, they have launched the UAE Blockchain Strategy 2021. The basis of this strategy is that by 2021, 50% of government transactions will be conducted using blockchain technology. To ensure the strategy will be successful, the country has also started issuing regulations on the use of crypto assets, including cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin.

The first regulator in the UAE was the Financial Services Regulatory Authority (FSRA). They are the financial regulator of the Abu Dhabi Global Markets (ADGM), which is a free zone in Abu Dhabi. They have issued detailed regulations related to cryptocurrencies. This also includes guidance on the regulation of Virtual Currencies and Initial Coin/Token Offerings where it outlines ICOs (initial coin offerings), where digital currencies are offered for sale to the general public. In these cases, the FSRA will determine on a case-by-case basis, if a proposed coin is in fact a commodity or a security. If it is deemed to be a commodity, then the ICO would be unregulated and if it is deemed to be a security, it will be subject to the Financial Services and Market Regulations.

In June 2018, the FSRA published the Regulation of Crypto Asset Activities in ADGM (ADGM regulations). In this publication, they introduced a regulated activity of “operating a crypto asset business.” This excludes issuances of ICOs but it does include the operation of crypto assets exchange houses.

The goal of these regulations is to ensure that all activities are regulated and that transparency and technology governance is promoted. In this way, the ADGM is able to ensure that they are in compliance with financial terrorism requirements as well as anti-money laundering requirements.

Interestingly, despite having limited regulations, the use of blockchain technology has been incorporated by entities in their operations. For example, a leading UAE exchange house, UAE Exchange, recently partnered with San Francisco-based Ripple to enable real-time, cross-border payments using Ripple’s blockchain technology. By removing the need for 3rd-party forex handlers, UAE Exchange has managed to cut its administrative costs exponentially.

By introducing the “Dubai Blockchain Strategy,” the Dubai Government is working hard to promote the use of blockchain, hoping to become the first “blockchain powered government”. In addition, the Dubai Land Department (DLD) is currently developing its own blockchain system. The purpose of this system is to enable the DLD to record all real estate contracts. The goal is then to link with other utility companies such as the Dubai Electricity & Water Authority. As a result of a blockchain system in place, tenants in the UAE will then be able to make electronic payments. Since everything will be paperless, the entire process will become more cost-efficient.

It is clearly evident that the UAE is taking steps when it comes to cryptocurrencies yet despite these initiatives, it is important to note that the tax and legal status of Bitcoin and other cryptos in the country is still somewhat unclear. Legal experts have confirmed that the buying and selling of Bitcoin is considered a “tolerated practice” and as such, those who do trade in Bitcoin, will not be prosecuted. It is clearly evident that the future for cryptocurrencies in the UAE is very bright. The time to be a part of this revolution is now.

How to Invest in Bitcoin in UAE?

The best way to invest in Bitcoin in the UAE is by signing up with Bitcoin Revolution and using this effective automated software to trade profitably. The best part is that Bitcoin Revolution is free of charge. You simply visit their site and sign up for an account. Once your account is activated, you will then be able to choose a broker to partner with who will give you direct access to a trading platform where you can trade Bitcoin and other digital currencies.

Bitcoin Revolution have partnered with top, reliable brokers in the industry that will provide you with an all-inclusive trading environment. This includes access to a trading platform, access to trading tools and a comprehensive education center, secure banking options as well as professional customer service and support. The Bitcoin Revolution software works seamlessly with all their preferred brokers.

Once you have selected your preferred broker; you simply make a deposit of $250 which is your trading capital. This money is yours and will be used to make profitable trades in the Bitcoin market. You can withdraw these funds and your profits at any time, hassle free. It really doesn’t get any easier than this.

Bitcoin Sheikh Mohammed

In June 2018, the Crown Prince, Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed, announced a massive Dh50 billion stimulus package for Abu Dhabi. A detailed execution plan for this package had to be developed by officials and the goal was to bring lasting economic benefits to Emiratis, residents and investors as well as to simplify and streamline how business is conducted.

Ten major initiatives were created to accelerate the economy over the next three years. These include allowing people to work from home, improved building regulations as well as the adoption of blockchain technology in the country.

It is clearly evident that the UAE has embraced Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies and traders in the country are also getting their share of the profits, trading these exciting and profitable digital currencies.

Anton Kovačić

Anton is a finance graduate and crypto enthusiast.
He specializes in market strategies and technical analysis, and has been interested in Bitcoin and actively involved in the crypto markets since 2013.
Apart from writing, Anton’s hobbies and interests include sports and movies.