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Bitcoin Revolution Philippines

Published days ago on July 31, 2020
By Anton Kovačić

Bitcoin Revolution Philippines

Bitcoin completely changed the financial markets across the globe in 2009. Since then, people have been buying and trading it. Other cryptocurrencies emerged as well, and some grew quickly. Bitcoin has had several periods where its value increased significantly, and many people who invested wisely became millionaires from modest starting amounts. Cryptocurrencies are definitely here to stay, and a good way to profit from them is through cryptocurrency trading. Bitcoin is still the leading market for cryptocurrencies. However, Ethereum, Litecoin and several others are growing in popularity and demand as well.

Most people who hear about cryptocurrency traders imagine that they are people who have been trained and have years of experience. Since cryptocurrencies are still somewhat new and are always evolving, some of the best trading experts have under a decade of experience. A few have worked hard to find ways to help others earn money through trading. One way is through developing robot-based software programs.

What Is Bitcoin Revolution?

Several experienced traders developed the Bitcoin Revolution software to help average people boost their earning potential from cryptocurrency trading. People in the Philippines are starting to discover the benefits of Bitcoin Revolution, which has the ability to execute cryptocurrency trades better than experienced human traders.

How Bitcoin Revolution Uses Technology

As a license-free bot, it is completely free to register for and use. There are no downloads required, and you use the software on an internet browser. The platform is designed to work with PC and mobile browsers. There is no app. The designers of the Bitcoin Revolution software designed it to scan important market information online. It does this automatically. Using AI and other modern technologies, the bot scans the Bitcoin market and several other cryptocurrency markets. This is helpful if you want to trade across multiple cryptocurrency markets.

The bot gathers current information, updates and historical data. Since it uses AI, it can compile and compute data faster than a human. The people who designed Bitcoin Revolution also made it so that it can complete a transaction a fraction of a second quicker than people or some other bots. Because of its special design, features and abilities, the bot has the capability to execute more profitable trades when you activate it.

Features of Bitcoin Revolution

Now that you understand the basics of how the bot works, you can understand how some of its features are especially useful to all users. You can choose which times to activate the bot. It scans and enters trades on your behalf only when it is active. Since many people in the Philippines have limited funds to invest, features that are helpful are the daily maximum and stop-loss. You can adjust amounts to your level of comfort. Many traders recommend that you start with lower leveraging to help protect your balance. You can readjust your limit preferences later if you wish to leverage more from a profitable trading session. After you win, your earnings accrue in your account. You can leverage as much as you want from your original balance or your earnings.

When you want to make a withdrawal, you can submit a request online. Your funds are transferred to the financial account that you connect to your Bitcoin Revolution member account. According to the Bitcoin Revolution website, the average win rate is about 99%. This is the cumulative rate of all users across the world. The win rate that you experience depends on market conditions, your leveraging amount and other factors in the market. In the Philippines, you can maximize your earning potential by running the bot at the most optimal market activity times.

A feature that makes the bot useful to new and experienced traders is its manual option. If you are a beginner, you can start by letting the bot do the work for you all the time in automatic mode. When you want to execute a trade on your own, you can do so by switching to manual mode. Some traders use this to test their strategies and sharpen them. While the bot has automatic features and performs functions on its own, Bitcoin Revolution still uses brokers who are experienced to help facilitate trades.

How to Join Bitcoin Revolution in the Philippines

If you are interested in trying this bot, the first step is creating an account on the Bitcoin Revolution login page. You submit a few bits of personal information. Once your identity is confirmed, you can make your initial deposit, which is required to start trading. The minimum deposit is equivalent to $250 in U.S. dollars.

Before you start leveraging your deposit, you can use the bot in a demo mode. This gives you a no-risk chance to get familiar with the features. You will see that there is a demo balance, which will appear higher than your deposit if you only deposit the minimum amount. You cannot lose or win real money in demo mode. However, you can test and use the features of the bot to see how to set a stop-loss and daily limit and how to activate the bot. You can also watch it make trades in real time, which will give you opportunities to learn more about how it operates.

Is Bitcoin Legal in the Philippines?

In the past, the government in the Philippines was skeptical about cryptocurrencies. A statement was issued in 2014 that did not encourage the use of cryptocurrencies. Today, the country embraces cryptocurrency use and is making more legal provisions to integrate it into the world of finance. Virtual currencies were officially legalized in the Philippines in Circular 944, and the Central Bank of the Philippines is in charge of regulating exchanges there. Although cryptocurrencies are legal, they are not recognized in the Philippines as currency to the BSP. For this reason, cryptocurrency accounts are not backed by commodities or by a central bank. However, it is legal and free to use Bitcoin Revolution in the Philippines.

Bitcoin Exchanges in the Philippines

If you plan to trade cryptocurrencies and exchange your profits for money, it helps to work with a bank in your country that is a Bitcoin-friendly institution. In the Philippines, UnionBank has Bitcoin ATMs and is a Bitcoin-friendly bank. As one of the nation's largest banks, it took advantage of the opportunity to cater to customers with cryptocurrency exchange needs. The other main exchange providers are Bexpress Inc., Aba Global Philippines Inc. and Coinville Phils Inc. There are at least 13 approved institutions, and others may be approved in the future. BSP is in charge of approval. If you want to see if a specific institution is listed, you can check with BSP.

How to Invest in Bitcoin in the Philippines

The easiest way to invest in a cryptocurrency in the Philippines is by signing up for Bitcoin Revolution. You can trade with a few other popular cryptocurrencies on the platform. While human traders have an average win rate of about 70% if they are good at their work, the Bitcoin Revolution software has a win rate that exceeds 90%. This significantly boosts your odds of winning, and you do not have to pay transaction fees or broker fees. Bitcoin Revolution works with reputable brokers who oversee trades, which gives users some extra peace of mind. Once you sign up for an account and start leveraging money for trades, you can also contact the brokers for help when you need it.

Since the markets are most active in the United States, an important piece of advice to remember is to learn when to run the bot at ideal times. There are several tools online that help you convert time zones to determine when you should let the bot run. This is especially important since Bitcoin is a volatile cryptocurrency. Traders often have days that are full of wins and days that have losses. To better express the pricing fluctuations of Bitcoin, it helps to look at historical data. For example, the price was $20,000 for a single BTC in December 2017. In the middle of 2019, it was under $10,000. Since Bitcoin Revolution utilizes CFDs, you can still make money when the price of the cryptocurrency is trending downward. Now is a good time to invest in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in the Philippines. As more digital currencies emerge and existing ones evolve, you have a growing potential to make more money.

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