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Bitcoin Revolution Netherlands

Published days ago on July 31, 2020
By Anton Kovačić

Bitcoin has maintained its supremacy over other currencies in the crypto market since its creation. After close study of the Bitcoin, we can assert that it remains an excellent choice for investment in the financial market.

That is primarily why we set out to examine and review Bitcoin Revolution, allegedly one of the latest and most effective auto trading platforms in the market.Only recently launched, Bitcoin Revolution, bitcoin investment software, is now setting trends on the internet. This software was allegedly designed and created by a company known as the International Council for Bitcoin. While the platform is essentially designed for Bitcoin trading, you can also use it to trade other cryptocurrencies like Ripple, Etherium and Litecoin.

The Bitcoin Revolution official website contains a letter signed by a person by the name of David. In the letter, David claims to have made more than a million after choosing to invest in bitcoin using Bitcoin Revolution Netherlands. The most intriguing aspect of David’s letter is that he claims to have earned the money in just one trade. In layman terms, David claims to have become a millionaire overnight.

As most of you, we highly doubted the legitimacy of these claims. It is unheard of for a person to make up that much using a system that was just recently lunched, let alone in a single trade. To establish the legitimacy of this new software and the claims behind it, we carried out our own investigation through in-depth research.

What is Bitcoin Revolution?

Bitcoin Revolution is new software for trading bitcoin that is aimed at helping new traders get into cryptocurrency trading without some of the risks of traditional investment opportunities. The International Council for Bitcoin, a PRO Bitcoin trader Group, designed the Bitcoin Revolution Software. The group consists of experienced and well established bitcoin investors and traders, who came together to enable novice as well as adept traders to perform different trading tasks with more ease and convenience.

The software is fundamentally a binary options trading platform designed to aid in the prediction of binary options trends and their relevant options. The Bitcoin Revolution app simply works as a code to access financial success. Besides showing traders how to make money by trading cryptocurrencies, the Bitcoin Revolution app also provides the trader with different methods and tactics of making the best out of their investments.

The Bitcoin Revolution software provides a user-friendly experience while depicting accurate analysis of the financial markets conditions so that traders can easily know the best action to take. By only investing a few dollars, the platform is capable of turning novice cryptocurrency traders into financially stable binary traders. This is made possible by the platform’s ingenious cryptocurrency trading strategies that even the best traders could find helpful.

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Bitcoin Revolution: how it works?

Most people who have failed in their initial cryptocurrency or binary trading efforts are often skeptical about the investment and tend to refrain from it. However, any experienced trader will tell you that the high volatility in the cryptocurrency market means high returns on investment. That is where Bitcoin Revolution comes to display its prowess: The algorithm employed by the Bitcoin Revolution Software eliminates the guess work and selects the most profitable trade for the trader.

With Bitcoin Revolution, you do not have to be an experienced trader to make a profit from your cryptocurrency investment. Upon testing the Bitcoin Revolution app myself, I was surprised to find out that it had a success rate of about 97%! If you are an experienced trader, like myself, you already know that a 97% chance of making a profit is outstanding.
Even with my vast experience in trading, I have not found a trading platform that works quite as efficiently as Bitcoin Revolution.

In summary, the Bitcoin Revolution trading platform’s smart system delivers comprehensive analysis of the crypto markets and executes trades if allowed by the administrator (you). When the right deal arises, depending on how profitable it is, the trading bot either notifies you of the deal or executes the trade according to your preferred settings.

We carried out comprehensive tests of all features of the Bitcoin Revolution platform. My team, made up of business analysts, software engineers and adept cryptocurrency traders, found the results impressive. This is what all traders are looking for in a trading platform. It is one of the most stress-free ways to make a profit online, not to mention, the most lucrative. All you need to do is sign up for a Bitcoin Revolution account, deposit a few dollars, and activate the platform’s live trading feature. The trading robots will take over from there. At the end of our live trading session when testing the software, our capital was still intact with a significant profit on top.

We encourage investors to try the demo trading account before proceeding to deposit the minimum $250 in your account. After trading on the demo account and being satisfied with the software’s algorithm, it is best to begin with the minimum deposit and grow your capital while saving the profit.

Bitcoin Revolution Payout system

After closely studying the payout system on the Bitcoin Revolution software, we were satisfied with its transparency and accuracy. Immediately after completing a live trading session, the payout is calculated and deposited in your account.

Bitcoin Revolution Verification System

The Bitcoin Revolution website requires you to submit your account details online for verification. My team and I think that this is an essential process to confirm that the information provided for an account owner is indeed correct. This avoids Identity theft and protects their customer’s data.

Bitcoin Revolution Withdrawal System

Being one of the most important systems of any financial institution, we tested Bitcoin Revolution’s withdrawal system immediately our first trading session was over. While not overly impressive, Bitcoin Revolution completed the withdrawal in 24 hours, which is shorter than most online withdrawals.

Bitcoin Revolution Service Charges

The Bitcoin Revolution system is designed to take a percentage of the investor’s earnings after a live trading session. It is the only charge we came across after testing all the features of the trading platform.

Bitcoin Revolution Customer Support System

Bitcoin Revolution developers were keen to create a 24/7 customer support for their investors. The speed at which queries are answered on the platform is amazing.

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Bitcoin Revolution Sign up

To sign up on the Bitcoin Revolution platform, you will link to homepage of the website. You will be required to select a broker from the list to link them to your account. The available brokers are legitimate and established in the crypto trading market.

It is absolutely free to create a Bitcoin Revolution account. However, to activate live trading, you will be required to make a minimum deposit of $250.

Guide to register a Bitcoin Revolution Account and begin trading
On the Bitcoin Revolution official website, users looking to sign up on the platform are provided with a form to fill out. The form requires the user to fill in information such as their full name, contact information such as email address and phone number, and a password. I want to link form them to the website.

To ensure the security of your trading account and personal information, the password should contain different characters.

After successfully submitting your account details, your account will be created and will be linked with your preferred broker on the Bitcoin Revolution system. You can commence trading immediately after making a deposit.

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Demo account

Novice crypto traders, just as in other online trading platforms, are advised to sharpen their trading skills by signing up for a demo account. The demo account allows the user to not only gain trading experience, but also learn how the trading robot works. A demo account uses real market situations to gauge and learn the essential aspects of crypto trading without having to risk your money.

After trying out the demo account, the user can gauge how good the trading robot is at making a return on their investment. If satisfied with the quality and efficiency of the Bitcoin Revolution trading robot, you can begin trading with the auto trade system.

Live account

After funding your Bitcoin Revolution account, you will be allowed to access the live trading account. You will link to login page of the website to access your account. It is essential to set the parameters that will guide your trading executions before moving to make your first trade. Some of the essential features tagged on the Bitcoin Revolution platform user interface include:

• Control Panel: The control panel allows you to monitor your active trades and make quick adjustments to your set parameters depending on how you want the platform to execute and manage your crypto trading activities.

• Go live/ demo account: This feature allows the user to activate or deactivate the live trading and demo trading fuctions.

• Open Transactions: The platform allows you to manage all their live trades in real time through the “Open Transactions” tab. The feature is essential to all users for monitoring trading activities on the platform at all times.

How to make a deposit

While Bitcoin Revolution’s demo account can give the user as much as $1,500 to practice trading, you will need to make a minimum deposit of $250 to the automated trading platform to begin trading on its live account. Users, especially novice traders, are advised to closely monitor their trading activities, withdraw part of the profits they earn, and reinvest their earnings.

Deposits can be made through Visa debit cards, MasterCard, Neteller, American Express, and Discover Network. The wide variety of deposit options allows users from all over the globe to participate in crypto trading via the Bitcoin Revolution platform.


Anton Kovačić

Anton is a finance graduate and crypto enthusiast.
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