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Bitcoin Revolution Germany

Published days ago on July 31, 2020
By Anton Kovačić

Bitcoin has become an important asset to gain exposure to in recent years, but trading the digital currency is still relatively challenging. If you want to trade bitcoin, you will need to find an exchange that can safely hold your money with minimal risk of loss. After all, there have been many high-profile data breaches in recent years, so it is worthwhile to proceed with caution.

Thankfully, Bitcoin Revolution has emerged as a secure option for investing in cryptocurrencies. The platform safely manages your money while providing you with a suite of tools to trade bitcoin-based securities. Best of all, Bitcoin Revolution has features that enable you to practice your trading skills before getting started, and it even features software that can help you to earn higher returns on your trades.

What Is Bitcoin Revolution?

Bitcoin Revolution is an advanced app that aims to help retail investors level the playing field against big banks and hedge funds that have entered the market in recent years. The platform functions as a brokerage account that allows you to buy and sell cryptocurrencies instantly.

Additionally, Bitcoin Revolution has tools that are designed to help investors get higher returns. Some of the key tools that come with Bitcoin Revolution include:

Trading Signals

Software is included with Bitcoin Revolution that helps investors to recognize when the market is about to move. The signals that the platform informs you about are identified across six factors with the help of a sophisticated algorithm. Investors can, therefore, use market-specified analysis to perform trades in real time.

Computerized Exchange Mode

Automation has become important for hedge funds that rely on high-frequency trading with computerized systems. Bitcoin Revolution offers similar tools that help investors to make more money in an automated manner.

The platform's computerized exchange mode can automatically place trades at any time of the day in a way that still manages to keep you in control.

Security Tools

Bitcoin Revolution uses advanced software to ensure that the person operating your account is really you. In today's world, cyber criminals often use sophisticated tools to trick trading platforms into thinking that you are placing irregular trades or withdrawing money to a bank account that is not yours. Consequently, Bitcoin Revolution's security tools are invaluable for keeping your account secure.

How Bitcoin Revolution Works

Bitcoin Revolution gives you the power to choose whether you want to place trades manually or with the help of automated software. In manual mode, you have total control over how specific trades are made. You can buy and sell with the help of tools that are similar to what ordinary platforms for trading stocks usually provide.

What sets Bitcoin Revolution apart from its competitors is its thorough integration of effective automated trading solutions. The platform uses advanced algorithms that have been used by leading hedge funds to earn returns by trading stocks and bonds. By applying the same algorithms in the cryptocurrency markets, similar results can be achieved.

However, making use of advanced algorithms is not only accessible to professional traders. With minimal training, Bitcoin Revolution can give you the power to make the same complex trades that institutional investors make for their clients. As a result, you can earn high returns on a consistent basis from trading.

Respond Rapidly to Market Conditions

The software behind Bitcoin Revolution is much faster than most of the other tools on the market. According to the website of the company behind Bitcoin Revolution, the software is seconds faster its competitors. In the world of trading, seconds can set you light years ahead of other traders. Having the power to make trades long before your competitors will give you a significant edge as a trader.

Highly Accurate Tool

Many platforms that are able to execute rapid trades are relatively inaccurate. After all, a basic law of trading says that accuracy and timing will always be inversely related. Nevertheless, Bitcoin Revolution manages to perform with 99.4 percent accuracy. Therefore, when you place a series of trades, you can count on the fact that Bitcoin Revolution will earn you a net return overall. A high level of accuracy also makes it easier for people with less experience in trading to consistently earn high returns.

Simple Setup

Software tools that attempt to give retail investors access to advanced functionality are often difficult to configure. Some tools require advanced technical skills for proper configuration, and other tools require investors to use a network of private servers to run resource-intensive software. In contrast, Bitcoin Revolution is a platform that is entirely based in the cloud. Investors do not have to do any software installation or configuration. Instead, they can get started instantly online with an account that can be accessed on any device and from any location across the world.

Good Customer Service

Unfortunately, many of the cyptocurrency trading platforms that have entered the market in recent years have been known to have poor customer service. Some platforms even make their clients pay a service charge to talk to an account representative over the phone. It is crucial for investors to have a way of directly contacting their provider since changes often have to be made on the provider's end with human input.

Thankfully, Bitcoin Revolution offers exceptional customer service. Clients can reach Bitcoin Revolution through live chat or email. Clients are also provided with a phone number that can be used to reach an account representative.

Low Minimum Investment

You can get started with Bitcoin Revolution with as little as $250. Individual trades can be executed with a minimum of $25 per trade. Since many other providers require account minimums in the range of thousands of dollars, the ability to fund your account with a small amount of money can be advantageous for many investors. There is also no limit to how much you can place into your account, so you can scale your level of investment as you learn to become a more effective trader.

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Signing up for Bitcoin Revolution

The process of signing up for Bitcoin Revolution is straightforward. You will need to give some basic information to identify yourself, but the provider does not require an extensive background check. You can, therefore, get started quickly while avoiding the hassle of going through a long application process. Minimizing the amount of information that you have to give out also helps to protect you against identity theft.

1. Register Your Account

The first step is to register an account on Bitcoin Revolution's website. When you open an account, you are required to provide your name, email address, phone number, and country of residence. In most cases, you can get started instantly after providing your information. If there are any problems with opening your account, an account representative will contact you within a short period of time.

2. Start With a Practice Account

If you are a new investor, you may want to start with a practice account. Bitcoin Revolution lets you start trading immediately without depositing any money into your account. You can also trade with historical data so that you can make sure that your trading strategy will work effectively before committing funds. Practice accounts have full access to the suite of automated tools that Bitcoin Revolution provides.

Although practice accounts are not required, they are recommended for investors who are new to Bitcoin Revolution. The advanced tools that Bitcoin Revolution provides are easy to get started with, but you should still understand them thoroughly before committing significant capital.

3. Deposit Money

Once you have a strong understanding of what Bitcoin Revolution offers, you can deposit money to get started. Unlike most exchanges, Bitcoin Revolution enables you to pay for your services with debit cards and credit cards. Having the ability to use your debit card means that funds can post to your account instantly without having to wait days or weeks for bank transfers to be finalized. Debit card payments can easily be made within the account dashboard that you will have access to after opening your account.

4. Go Live

The final step is to actually start placing live trades. With Bitcoin Revolution, you can place trades in the same way that you would with an ordinary account. Manual trades are what most investors on Bitcoin Revolution start out with. However, you will want to transition to automated trades once you get a firm grasp of how the platform works.

Automated trades can be managed through your account dashboard. Some automated trades are placed with the help of human input, so investors who prefer a hands-on approach are given the tools that they need. Additionally, Bitcoin Revolution has tools that are designed to give investors the ability to have trades placed on their behalf automatically. Bitcoin Revolution can, therefore, automatically execute trades while you are sleeping or at work to give you consistent returns on your money.

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Adoption of Bitcoin in Germany

Germany was one of the first countries to attract cryptocurrency investors. The country is home to over 30 cryptocurrency exchanges and hundreds of cryptocurrency startups. Since cryptocurrencies have been given legitimacy in Germany, many traders have moved there to take advantage of the country's favorable cryptocurrency laws. For instance, Germany is one of the only countries in the world that does not tax gains derived from cryptocurrency investments as long as the assets are held for at least one year. If you are a cryptocurrency investor, therefore, you may want to consider moving to Germany to take advantage of the country's favorable laws.


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