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About Us

Published days ago on July 31, 2020
By Anton Kovačić

What is Bitcoin Revolution?

Investing and trading stocks, forex, commodities and other assets has been one of the biggest sources of generating wealth for retail investors for generations. With the advent of the Internet, the ability to trade online opened a world of opportunity that was once out of the reach of most people, plus today, it’s more convenient and allows investors to be in control of their investments. As our digital world continued to evolve, it was clear that new technologies and ways to invest and grow one’s wealth, would follow. In 2008, Satoshi Nakamoto released a whitepaper that detailed the first digital currency called Bitcoin. Not many people knew much about this new form of money, which would become commonly known as cryptocurrencies. It took some years for the world to come to terms with this new “digital gold” but in recent years, the cryptocurrency space has expanded immensely and has presented near unlimited profit potential for crypto investors.

Looking towards the future, we launched Bitcoin Revolution, a powerful and highly effective automated trading software, to help everyday people to capitalize on the growing trend and adoption of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin Revolution is super user-friendly and simple enough for complete beginners to enter the Bitcoin trading arena and to make exceptional profits. One of the best features of Bitcoin Revolution is it can be set for full automation, so the software keeps generating profits day and night, without intervention.

Capitalizing on crypto has never been simpler or more profitable!


Who Are We?

The Bitcoin Revolution team come from various walks of life and each member brings their unique skills and talents to the table that ensures we’re thinking about every aspect and opportunity to make Bitcoin Revolution the most user-friendly and effective trading solution. Many members of our team come from years of experience in trading, fintech, development, economics and advanced mathematical fields.

It all began when some of us met at a conference, and over some drinks, it became apparent to all of us that working as employees for other companies was limiting and just making other people rich. It was also very clear that most forms of trading were simply too complex and out of the reach of everyday people. We jotted down some ideas on a napkin and vowed to transform it into a new generation company that would help generate wealth for whoever chooses it.

Bitcoin Revolution was born and in a short space of time, we transformed our ideas from that napkin into a powerful, user-friendly, automated cryptocurrency trading software.


What Does the Bitcoin Revolution Software Offer?

Bitcoin Revolution is a highly effective cryptocurrency trading solution designed to be intuitive and user-friendly for all skills levels and it is packed with many effective features.

Some of the key benefits and features of Bitcoin Revolution:

  • FREE - Yes, Bitcoin Revolution software is completely free of charge. One of our primary goals when developing Bitcoin Revolution was to make it accessible to as many people as possible. We want users to be able to capitalize on the financial markets and a pillar of our culture is to "Pay it Forward".
  • Best Brokers - Obviously in order to participate in the markets, you’ll need a broker to trade with, so to help our users get on the path to success, we’ve partnered with the best brokers who are reliable, professional and provide safe and secure trading facilities. Bitcoin Revolution has been tested with each broker to ensure a smooth and seamless experience.
  • Flexible and Customizable - Every trader is different and has varying needs, knowledge, experience and more. Bitcoin Revolution software is highly flexible and configurable and can be set up to meet each trader’s preferences, plus the software can be operated manually or set to trade automatically. Most users are able to configure to their needs and to get up and trading within minutes.
  • Intuitive and User-friendly - Bitcoin Revolution was built from the ground up to be easy to use, no matter your skills or experience level. There are no complicated downloads or installation. Bitcoin Revolution is completely web-based so it is accessible from any web browser, plus you never need to perform updates, we do it all from our side, so you’ll always have the latest and greatest version of Bitcoin Revolution ready to go.
  • World Class Support - Have questions? Need assistance? Our friendly and professional support team is here to help. Feel free to reach out to us anytime and we’ll do our best to make sure you get the answers you need.

Now is your opportunity to invest and make outstanding returns from Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies with Bitcoin Revolution. Join today; you’ll be glad you did! Your financial freedom is finally in reach.

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Anton Kovačić

Anton is a finance graduate and crypto enthusiast.
He specializes in market strategies and technical analysis, and has been interested in Bitcoin and actively involved in the crypto markets since 2013.
Apart from writing, Anton’s hobbies and interests include sports and movies.